A new kind of diamond inventory crm, designed to handle all your work in one place. Saving you time on data entry. Less time spent on data entry means more time spent on building relationships and growing your business.


DiamondJar & RapNet

Together are the #1 crm choice for customers who love diamonds. DiamondJar integrates with RapNet inventroy to provide a seamless integration of data.

Revamp and Empower your Business.

Upgrade your inventory system to a software that provides better tools for you to run your business efficiently and effectively.

Inventory Management

DiamondJar provides an inventory control system that combines the use of software, and mobile apps to streamline inventory management.

Customer Management

A DiamondJar built-in crm keeps track of all your customer accounts with ease, making it easier to add multiple contacts, customer purchase history and private notes.

Integrated Finance

With DiamondJar, you can create professional and elegant looking memos and invoices within seconds. DiamondJar's integrated finance software allows you to deliver documents instantly via email, while also collecting valuable information from your customers through various reporting data.

Stone History

DiamondJar extracts important details about your stones' history, such as purchase date and price.

Parcel Control

DiamondJar helps you create and manage groups or parcels of stones. Giving you the option to sell a parcel stones all at once.

Team Collaboration

DiamondJar promotes better team work and communication among your team by allowing for better and greater visibility of transactions and customer service history. This allows any team member to pick up right where a colleague left off by having all the information of a pending sale available, making it easier to close a sale.

Better inventory. Less work. More sales.

What's not to love? Try DiamondJar today.